Jesus Christ

Who is really Jesus?

Many people talk about Jesus, many tell His name without even knowing who is He.

I heard some saying: “Oh Jesus!” or “Jesus Chirst! What’s happening …” and I enjoyed it beacause it was said in a particular way. And I thought…do they realy know who is Jesus? because if they do this is a great thing.

I think most of them don’t go to church and don’t know who Jesus is but they sure heard about Him.

In the beginning I thought that He is a God messenger, but then I heard he was the Son of God and I wondered how God can have a son. But still I thought that Jesus is not like God and I ask God why He doesn’t speak directly with us and send us somebody, because no one could be like Him.

Jesus for those who do not know, is one who has done many miracles. Someone that kept beautiful sermons, who was crucified on the cross for the sins of the people. Those who see him crucified may try feelings of pity and thinking about his weakness and his failure in front of those who have crucified him.
However I think that they ask themselves why is granted so much importance to Him, why all christians speak so much about Jesus.

Why production houses in Hollywood make movies with Jesus?
Why the world is so interested when somone talks about “new discoveries” about Him? Why the books with Jesus are sold so good?

Why do those who write about Jesus life are so advertised and their books are sold in million volumes?

Must be something about this Jesus. Who is Jesus?

Jesus Christ is God. Jesus Christ is God who made himself man to show us that we people can live a beautiful life, one without sin. Although God was a man, remained at the same time in heaven, and on earth living among people. As a woman wearing her coat impregnates it with her parfume, so God making Himself man is impregnating the human being with his holiness.

But the woman is wearing clothes several times and then throw it and get another. God made His self a man in order for the man to become holly as God, but it will not be a time when God will not be a man. He will be a man in eternity. Jesus Chirst is the God-Man. He is in the same time God and Man, but beeing only one person.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God, but is God himself. How so?

God is One and being threefold in persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The fire is a single entity but emits heat, light and flame that burns material at the same time.
The fire is one but is actually three: is burning (flame), is heat but is light too.
The flame who burns wood is fire, the heat of fire which warms the house is fire, and the light emited by fire is fire too, and yet there aren’t three types of fires, but one.

So Father is God, God’s Son is God and Holy Spirit is God, but is only one God, but three persons.
Father is not greater than the Son and no greater than the Holy Spirit. Neither Son is not greater then Holy Spirit and Father. Neither the Holy Spirit is bigger then the Father or the Son.

Father and Son and Holy Spirit are equal, no one is bigger than another, neither stronger then another,  but together are God. Fire heat is not better than its light and the power of flame then its heat.
Heat fire and light and flame fire are all together fire. Like fire, Father and Son and Holy Spirit are God together.

Jesus is really God that we know and that we fear. Son of God made man to show us that man was created by Him not to tramble in dissipation and in fright but to get to be like the One who created him.

That’s why everyone is talking about Him, why is so advertised… that’s why the polemics and argues about him are so attractive because he is God!

If you want to read the life and wonders of Jesus Christ, our God, here on earth it can be found here: Gospel of Matthew. There are only 30 or so pages.

There are four Gospels and all tell the life of Jesus, each relating the same moments in the same story of his life. The Gosples can be found in the Bible in the second half of them in the New Testament.

(Balan Claudiu)



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